Boho Aromatic
Botanical Creamy Cleanser is an Aloe Based Cleanser, created for all skin types, but works great on normal, dry, combination skin. Rich in protein, minerals, Lecithin, Vitamin A, D and E.
Botanical Exfoliating Scrub removes surface impurities and dead skin cells without disturbing the delicate moisture and oil balance with this exfoliating cleanser. Light and gentle, made with natural jojoba wax beads.
Boho Aromatic
Remedy-C Night Cream is a rich Vitamin C infused face cream formulated to encourage cellular turnover and rejuvenates your face (and neck!) by guarding your skin from the damage that can be caused by the sun's UV rays
Hydrating Lavender Nutrient Toner is a face mist that delivers an abundance of rejuvenating ingredients targeted to heal, calm, and rejuvenate. Can be used as a toner or hydrofoil. Recommended for all skin types.
Boho Aromatic
Wild Rose Renewal Eye Cream created purposely to help the eye area. Made of effective yet gentle botanical plant based ingredients. Caffeine-rich coffee bean and green tea leaf extract will help diminish the look of dark circles and puffiness. Rose flower oil helps the under eye area feel hydrated, balanced and refreshed. Cucumber extract helps calm and cool the skin, while vegan hyaluronic acid helps attract and maintain moisture to enhance suppleness.
Natural Balance Facial Oil Serum is the 2019 Self Healthy Award winner for Boho Aromatic. This Serum/Oil is perfect for Hyperpigmentation, Heal Damaged Acne Skin, Antioxidants to Prevent Aging, Primer. Natural Balance is a facial oil serum that is appropriate for impure skin that needs soothing and balancing, this blend of vegetable oils and therapeutic essential oils has a silky texture that immediately penetrates.
Lemon Love Gel Cleanser created purposely for oily, combination and acne-prone skin types, Lemon Love Gel Cleanser is an important step to getting and keeping your complexion free from the appearance of blemishes, spots and enlarged pores Paraben Free. Enriched with many botanicals including Lemon Peel Oil, Elder Flower Extra, Matcha/Green Tea Leaves. Created with Turmeric, a skincare antioxidant.
Boho Aromatic
Magnificent Hydrating Day Cream is light but rich and nourishing daily face cream. Suitable for all skin types. The base of expeller-pressed apricot oil and shea butter leaves skin soft and supple. Suitable for all skin types, it’s loaded with antioxidant vitamins and calming oat- derived ingredients. Forming an invisible yet powerful protective layer, beta glucan from oats increases moisture retention and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.
Brilliant Age Defying Night cream is a the 2019 SELF Healthy Award Winner! Our Brilliant Age Defying Night Cream is a thick cream, rich in antioxidants to combat the effects of aging by boosting hydration from within, protecting skin fibers against breakdown, and supporting skin remodeling. It’s ideal for mature skin or skin dehydrated by an arid climate. Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, a botanically derived active, provides skin rejuvenation from the effects of stress, UV radiation, environmental damage, and aging.
Rose Flower Micellar Cleansing Pads are Simple and Effective. Free of artificial perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals. No rinsing required. Made with Hibiscus and Green Tea Extract. 50 pads per jar of 100% Rayon Waffle Pads equals almost 2 months of wipes! These are Oil-Free, Rinse Free Cleanse. Used to Remove Makeup + Refreshes and Hydrates your face!